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What are they? What should they be?

He Won’t Preach My Funeral Either!

Laugh at yourself, learn a lot.

The Calling to Heroism

Some heros come in unexpected packages.

When You’ve Really Messed Up

Ooops! Now what?

Mother’s Day

A mother’s faith is so strong.

Important Message (Really)

No, really, it is an important message!


Thoughts on the Westside Middle School shootings.

“I’ve Found Your Patience!”

God isn’t finished yet.

Low Tech People in a High Tech World

Ministering to people doesn't require megahertz and motherboards.


Mary's world was completely shattered.

How Do You Take It?

The difference is in the hearer.

When to Say “Thank You”

Don’t wait too long!

Real Clothes

Are you decent?


Miracles do happen. Even to ducks.

An Audacious Miracle!

Can 4 lepers change things?

The Heart that Fails

Judas may have looked a lot like you and me.

Shiny Boots

“Turn the other cheek...”

The Encouraging Word!

Oh, for a home on the range...

Breaking the Endless Cycle of Guilt and Shame

Beyond forgiveness to reconciliation.

Who Is Good?

Can I be “good” enough?