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I Wish You Could

Just say thank you to the people that protect us night and day.

The White Envelope

A touching Christmas story.

The Way in a Manger

Find the Way in a surprising place.

Judah and John, Fathers of Faith

Nope, we never will be good enough. But that's ok.

Ode to the Twelfth

A poetric tribute to the twelve Texas A&M students who tragically lost their lives.

The Greatest Thing

Faith, hope and love. Mostly love.

About Giraffes and Other Things

So, was it a mistake?

When Losing Means Winning

Paradoxically, it works.

Pillows and Crosses

Somethings just don't mix.

Changing the World

Where do we start?

Children of the Promise

We come from royal lineage.

Fears and Fear

Fear has different flavors.

How Close Are We?

Evil is just around the corner.

The Nature of the Light

It must meet the darkness.

Eclipse from the Son

Judgement and mercy meet.

When Hope Is Gone

No matter what, God is still God.

Tomorrow Today

This is the day!

What Does Your Prayer Sound Like?

Does it sound like the apostles?

Second Chance Got Him Rolling

Lance Armstrong made the most of his second chance.

A Matter of Due Diligence

Work in partnership with God.

An Honest Day’s Work

Laziness is not a virtue.

A Famous Athlete, a Teenage Boy, and Family

This boy’s got his priorities right.

Begin With Me

What can you truly effect? You.

Who’s In Charge Here?

Pharisees and substitute teachers — see the relationship?

Internet Dangers for Children

Share this with the ones you love.