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Izuba Talibbili Izuba Talibbili
by Roy & Kathi Merritt
Botiyasi kept walking. Already he could smell a problem. The hovel stank like an overflowing latrine. "Don't be a fool. You think Jesus will protect ... (read more)
Resurrection 2.4: When We Hear His Voice
by Phil Ware
Lloyd would get tears in his eyes every time he shared that statement with me. He believed it. He built his life upon it. He anticipated the day ... (read more)
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By the Grace of God, by Phillip Morrison
      Two preachers putting in sweat equity like Jesus?

Knowing the Father's Presence, by Jim Clark
      Should we allow doubt in?

Who Can Be Still?, by Rubel Shelly
      Do you have a place or a time when you can really be still?

Amazing Grace, by Randy Becton
      Have you found out what is truly amazing this time of year?

The Mystery of Insurance, by Steve Ridgell
      Does your policy cover this?

Giving Back, by Randy Becton
      Can one person really change a whole community?

Living Life in Balance, by Steve Ridgell
      How are you doing on life's see-saw?

A Titanic Truth, by Randy Becton
      Have you been saved in every way a person can be saved?

Christ and Christmas, by Lou Seckler
      Is he in there for you?

Ten Steps to Help You with the Blues, by Lou Seckler
      Blues got you down?

New Bodies and Close Calls, by Randy Becton
      What will your new body look like?

The Four Hardest Words, by Randy Becton
      Why is it so hard to say?

Responding to the Gift-Giver, by Jim Clark
      What do you do for those who give you gifts?

Mission of Mercy, by Jim Clark
      Can mercy still take flight today?

A Place at Dinner with Jesus, by Randy Becton
      Who would you have eat with you at your table?

Compassionate Like Our Savior, by Randy Becton
      How would Jesus deal with folks in Beverly Hills?

Flat On Our Backs ... In Prayer, by Jim Clark
      Can we get any Kingdom work done flat on our backs?

Sabbath Rest: The Key to Revived Spirits, by Randy Becton
      I just don't have enough time!

The Search For Jesus' Love, by Randy Becton
      Where can folks find Jesus' love in your town?

E.T. and Christ, by Randy Becton
      Is there something out there? What would it mean if there were?

With Jesus You Can Stay On Your Feet, by Jim Clark
      Do disappointments and discouragement keep knocking you down?

Transformation: God's Promise and His Work, by Randy Becton

Your Zest for Life, by Randy Becton
      What drives you?

What's Special About This Song?, by Randy Becton
      Culture is still open to spirituality...

See the Difference, by Randy Becton
      A-Rod is A-OK.

The One Thing, by Lou Seckler
      Find something special you can do.

We Race Against the Clock, by Randy Becton

Stay Awake, by Jim Clark
      Pay attention!

Getting Honest About Pain, by Randy Becton
      It hurts. Don't ignore it.

Reconciliation Day, by Jim Clark
      Make it today.

Absorbing Evil with the Strength of Love, by Randy Becton
      Jackie Robinson was brave enough not to fight back.

The Ultimate Questioner, by Randy Becton
      Jesus asks the ultimate questions. Are you ready?

The Gift of Encouragement, by Randy Becton
      Speak encouraging words.

Sustained by the God of All Hope, by Jim Clark
      How do you cope when your problems won't go away?

Lessons at the Halfway Point, by Jim Clark
      Do you feel lost in life? There's help...

He Is Approachable, by Jim Clark

Having Less... and Enjoying Him More, by Jim Clark
      Simplicity may be exactly what you need.

What's Next?, by Randy Becton
      Do you trust him for what's coming up?

Aging Well, by Jim Clark
      What will you live for?

Turning the Tide, by Randy Becton
      Attitudes about Jesus may be changing.

Happy Meal Spirituality, by Jim Clark
      We're always looking for contentment.

High Standards, Abundant Grace, by Jim Clark
      Is re-marriage a sin?

Any Upside in the Downsizing?, by Jim Clark
      Are there positives to look for?

Fallen Heroes, by Jim Clark
      So many fall away... what can we do?

9-11 is Here to Stay, by Randy Becton
      The events cannot be forgotten.

A Friend to Journey Alongside Us, by Randy Becton
      Everyone needs spiritual friendships.

When Life Isn't Fair, by Jim Clark
      Life isn't always fair, but how do we deal with it?

Why Do I Keep Sinning?, by Jim Clark
      Is there a way out?

Cancelling Debts, by Jim Clark
      We all have been in debt.

He's My Brother, by Jim Clark
      An extremely unlikely pair...

Your Pain Can Bless Hurting People, by Randy Becton
      Sometimes the best healers are wounded healers.

Knowing the Father's Presence, by Jim Clark

Wrestling On Our Knees (part 3), by Jim Clark
      Learning from the prayer warriors around you.

Wrestling on Our Knees (part 2), by Jim Clark
      We must be prepared for war.

Wrestling on Our Knees, by Jim Clark
      Don't just say you believe in prayer... do it!

Where There is Hope, by Jim Clark
      Hope makes all the difference.

Winning and Losing, by Jim Clark
      There are more important things than winning.

When You’re Weary of Worry, by Jim Clark
      Has it got you in its clutches?

Giving Back, by Jim Clark
      It's a small but important service.

That You May Live Well, by Jim Clark
      Help for coping with aging parents.

Against All Hope, by Jim Clark
      Desperate, but still alive.

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn, by Jim Clark
      For they will be comforted...

What A Relief! I Don’t Need To Be Good Enough, by Randy Becton
      Thank God for grace.

Am I Beyond God's Forgiveness?, by Jim Clark
      You can't outsin God's grace.

From Fear to Forgiveness, by Randy Becton
      Forgiveness IS possible.

Integrity, by Randy Becton

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Randy Becton and Jim Clark write words of encouragement and love for all of us struggling through life's problems.


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