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Giving Back Giving Back
    by Jim Clark

    The spirit of generosity is spreading like wild fire through this Northern California community. It all started with a man tinkering with old bicycles. He’s passionate about giving...because so much had been given to him.

    Les Borsuk is a retired engineer in Walnut Park, California who runs a one-man bike hospital. He’s repaired over 2,000 bicycles and donated them to newly-arrived Russian immigrants. When word spread about his kindness, the community began dropping hundreds of old bikes on his doorstep.

“Fixing bikes is my way of giving back.”
    There’s a story behind his sympathy towards immigrants. Both his grandfathers had fled persecution in Russia, crossed the Atlantic and found a new life in America. Borsuk remarks, “Fixing bikes is my way of giving back.”

    What a beautiful example for Christian believers. We were delivered from the bondage from Satan, crossed through the waters of baptism, and welcomed into a new life in Christ. Now we’re called to pass on God’s steadfast love to others. Jesus says, “To whom much is given, much will be required.” We give to others not just out of duty but from a deep gratitude to God for rescuing us. Just think of the doors that will open to share your faith when you love others extravagantly in Jesus’ name.

    Ask the Lord this very day how you might begin a new ministry of service to others. Then watch Him work as He shines brightly through your labor of love.

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About the Author...
Jim Clark is Response Minister with Herald of Truth and Hope for Life. For more details, click here.

Title: "Giving Back"
Author: Jim Clark
Publication Date: November 28, 2000



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