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That You May Live Well That You May Live Well
    by Jim Clark

    Kathy made the long drive to Missouri with a heavy heart. She had plans to move her aging parents to her hometown. But a sudden illness dashed her dreams.

    She is part of the sandwich generation. Adult children caught between the stresses of raising teenagers and caring for aging parents. Kathy just completed arrangements to move her parents to her hometown. A pleasant retirement village was soon to be their new home. Then everything fell apart. Both of her parents were rushed to the hospital. They may never get to move near their children. And now she is devastated.

Tough decisions need to be made.
    Caring for aging parents can be such a burden. Roles are reversed. Tough decisions need to be made. Hearts are prepared for that painful, final goodbye. I know this well. In the past year I’ve had to fly out to California twice to care for my mother who first suffered a stroke and then broke her hip. I also have to experience the sadness of seeing my father’s mind gradually decline from Alzheimer’s.

    How can we best help our aging parents?

  • Try to stay in touch with them as much as you can. Give them a weekly call. Better, write them letters and notes of appreciation.

  • Ask God to help you forgive them for anything they’ve done to hurt you. Host a tribute dinner, honoring them for what they’ve done for you.

  • Most of all, entrust their lives and souls each day to the care of our loving God. He loves them more than you do.

  • And be sure to cling to this promise from God: “Honor your father and mother...so that you may live well and have a long life.” (Ephesians 6:3, The Message)

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About the Author...
Jim Clark is Response Minister with Herald of Truth and Hope for Life. For more details, click here.

Title: "That You May Live Well"
Author: Jim Clark
Publication Date: October 31, 2000



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