Editor's Note: We are very excited to launch a new video series with James Nored. It is called, "Finding Our Story in God's Story": a great way to share in discussions with other believers, with friends, with seekers, and even with unbelievers!

As we look for answers about life, suffering, and the truth about God, many hard questions present themselves:

  • Who is God?
  • What is he really like?
  • Where do we come from?
  • Why do I exist?
  • Does God have a plan for my life?
  • Does God's existence really matter to me?
  • Why is there suffering in the world?
  • How does all this fit into my story?

Rather than pitting science and faith against each other to answer these kinds of questions, let's appreciate what science can tell us about our world. Let's also seek answers behind what science cannot tell us and what scientific theories assume.

The apostle Paul reminded several groups of believers in Corinth that when they gathered, three groups of people would be present: believers, inquirers, and unbelievers (1 Corinthians 14:22-24). He told them that their gatherings should lead everyone to recognize that God was among them (1 Corinthians 14:25). So let's also find a way to sit and discuss these important questions about life and about God with each other — with believers, with inquirers, and with unbelievers who are looking for life's answers.

Over this next year, we will be sharing a journey together. We are calling this journey, "Finding My Story in God's Story." Every other week we will share a five to six-minute video piece filmed all over the world. Questions of faith, meaning, and purpose will be explored in light of what the Bible says. These videos are intended to provide opportunities for believers, inquirers, and unbelievers to discuss some of life's biggest questions and some of the Bible's most meaningful answers with each other.

Take a few minutes and contemplate what you think, feel, and believe based on today's video. Here are some questions for reflection and discussion to help you.

Today's first segment reminds us of the stunning visual beauty and the incredible order we find in our world. This world, according to the Bible, is God's creation and a gift to us. But does that claim of the Bible make sense? How does this claim impact each of us and our story?

How does my personal story fit into life's great big story?
In the video, there is an opening story about a young girl named Chelsea who is diagnosed with leukemia and who dies two days later. What questions does her story raise about God? What similar event have you or those you know experienced like this?

What are the positive contributions of Science? What are things that Science explains well? What does it struggle to address?

In the biblical account, God creates the world and everything in it, and everything is created "good" (Genesis 1:4, 10, 12, 18, 25, 31). What goodness do you see in the world?

What evidence do you see that points toward a Creator of the universe?

Who can you share this video with this week and follow-up with a call or personal conversation?

For more ideas, please check out James' full discussion guide which also contains today's video. This guide also includes ideas on how to share this in a discussion group or personal discussion.

Until next time, let's keep asking God to help us find our story in his story!