Christmas is a difficult time for many people. Often, it is a time when too much money is spent on too many presents for too many people who will not really appreciate it. It is a holiday that seems designed to stress everyone out. Travel issues, meal planning, and too many people for a too small dining room. There is not enough time, energy, or money to make it all happen the way you think it should. And, of course, there is the pressure of Christmas and the family. Family fights and feuds. Who goes to which family this year? There are in-laws and out-laws. Blood kin and step-kin. Christmas can be a time of stress, disappointment, and anger.

It is also a time of baby Jesus. Christians singing "Joy to the World", churches hosting special services, and mangers everywhere. It is fair for the non-Christian to wonder what place baby Jesus has in a world like this one. We Christians have not always answered this question well.

So here is why Christmas is such a celebration for Christians. Here is why it is for us a time of hope, love, joy, and peace.


  • The baby grew up to be the man who died for our sins.
  • God gave the gift of his Son even though He knew every wrong decision and bad choice I would ever make.
  • As a Christian I am part of a family that loves me and cares for me.
  • This life is not the end and this world is not my real home.
  • I get to make a forever difference in the lives of people.

The Christmas story does not stop in a manger.
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