I recently watched two very different people walking. One was Nik Wallenda. I viewed his walk on a video clip, not in person. He walked on a tightrope between two buildings in downtown Chicago, the windy city. The tightrope was even slanted upward at an angle. It was courageous, amazing, and inspiring. It was a feat that simply would not be attempted by almost anyone else. He had trained for it. He worked at it. I know it helped that he grew up with a family heritage of tightrope walking, but still…

The other walk I witnessed was an older man crossing the street in a mid-size West Texas town. He had to use a walker and he could not move very quickly. Each step seemed to take a great deal of effort. It was courageous, amazing, and inspiring. Cars waiting at the light, impatient drivers drumming their fingers on the steering wheel. It seemed to take forever. Just stepping up and down on the curb was a major undertaking.

One of these made me think about my life as a Christian, and it may not be the one you think it is. Christians often refer to our life in Christ as a walk. What we mean is that our life on this earth is a journey with the ultimate purpose of living forever with God. What Nik Wallenda did is not really how Christians live. We do not walk above the clouds. We are not on a journey that is impossible for the average person.

Our walk is more like the gentlemen I watched crossing the street. Life is hard. We live as believers in a world full of unbelief. Evil abounds and Satan has made this life dangerous. There are excuses and objections to overcome if you want to follow Jesus. But we walk on with purpose. We have a destination ahead of us. We overcome the obstacles. We walk through the danger. We do not stop till we reach the other side. We are following Jesus right to the throne of God.

Following Jesus is difficult. But the destination is worth it.
I invite you to join us on that journey. Do not worry about how your walk will look. You will have help for the journey. But that journey starts with one step — a step of faith. I can help you take that step. Write me at steve@hopeforlife.org. Or visit our website at www.hopeforlife.org.