It may have started because we were Three Stooges fans, and we watched an episode that featured strings, doorknobs, and pulling teeth. My son was in the process of losing his baby teeth when he and one of his friends decided to try this approach. At first it did not work because they were standing on the wrong side of the door. But when they got in the right position… out it came.

Now I am watching the same process with my grandkids. I see some teeth so loose they eventually fall out when eating. Sometimes they work and work at the tooth until they can pull it themselves. Some are very dramatic with lots of yelling and excitement. Others just show up with a tooth in their hand. For a short time, those gaps in their teeth look a little strange. Then the big teeth show up and they are so proud of their new teeth.

So what does that have to do with new life? New teeth cannot come in until the old teeth are gone. It works the same way for those who decide to follow Jesus. He promises new life. He gives purpose to lives with no meaning. He frees us from our addictions. He restores relationships. He brings those who have been separated from God into relationship with their Creator.

But new life does not happen unless the old life is removed. That is why becoming a Christian is called a new birth. It is also referred to as “dying” with Christ so you can be raised to a new life. Jesus said it this way: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Matthew 16:24).

New life starts when the old life is removed.

You cannot be made new until you let go of the old.
Just like pulling the baby teeth so the permanent teeth can come in. I can help you to know how to get out of the old life and into new life with Jesus. Write me at or join the blog discussion at

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