I can tell from the way he looks and acts that my dog Lucky thinks he understands me. The truth is that he does not have a clue. He knows I love him, he knows I feed him, and he knows I provide shelter when it gets really cold. He adores me, minds me most of the time, and really enjoys being in my presence. But does he really understand me?

Does he really understand when I discipline him that it is for his own good? Does he understand how dangerous it is outside of his yard? Does he know why the leash has to be on before we walk? Sometimes he whines to come in, or he begs for a treat. I think he believes that I am there to make his life function exactly the way he wants it to be. He must actually think that he knows how my mind works.

He doesn’t. He cannot reason on my level. He cannot think the way I do. I doubt he thinks in terms of the future. He may recognize things I do, but does he understand why? We have a relationship, but we are not equals. We love each other, but I am the master.

So I wonder if this is how it is with God and me. We are not equal. We operate on completely different levels of thought. I cannot think like God. I cannot understand God. I may get glimpses of His character. I may see the fruits of His action. I can even communicate with Him. But for me to assume I understand God is a serious mistake. I might end up thinking God is the way I want Him to be, or imagine He should be.

So I pay close attention to what He has said to me. I do not have to understand it, but I do believe it. I read His Word, the Bible. I try to do what it says. God is God, and I am me. When I remember that, life works. When I get the roles reversed, life falls apart. He is the Master, not me.

God created me. Not the other way around.
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