It had been one of those frantic, exhausting days and now even the dog would not mind. It led to one of those "what did she just say" moments: in my wife"s efforts to get our dog to heel, she called him by our son’s name. It confused both our son and our dog. She knew the difference between the two of them, but she had just finished dealing with our son about minding her better and that encounter was still on her mind when she called the dog. So she said the name that was most prominent in her subconscious mind. Psychologists call that a Freudian slip.

Movies and television shows have long made this a staple of their programming. The show typically has a spouse call their mate by an ex's name. The rest of the program is an exercise in determining who the character truly loves. Of course, it almost always is the name they spoke aloud. Their mouth just expressed what the heart believed.

This great programming concept is based on something Jesus said: "Out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks." Television writers may or may not know where that wisdom comes from, but there it is.

Television programming, psychological theory, folk lore, literature, art, and many other things in our culture reflect the words of God. He is the source of all wisdom. But of course, if he created us ... he should know how we function best.

So think about where to find the real key to life. God offers hope, peace, joy, and purpose. He provides a way for you to come to him through his son Jesus. But he wants your heart. All of it. And when you give it to him, his will be the name you speak for the rest of eternity.

So what name do you want spoken from your heart?
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