It was a question doubters, agnostics, atheists, seekers, or smart-alecks loved to ask: “If God is so wise, why did he create an appendix?” I thought it was a good question. After all, the appendix served no real purpose. I was never much of a science student, but I remember how it was described. It was an organ for which there was no apparent function. Unless you count needing something to burst so you could have emergency surgery. It was one of the trendy ways to mock the concept of God.

Guess what? Scientists and doctors are now saying the appendix serves a useful function in immune protection. It is a place for gut bacteria to reside and helps prevent diarrhea. So much for my science teachers. It now seems perhaps science does not know everything. Of course, real scientists will tell you that up front. So why would anyone use science to try to disprove the existence of God?

It appears that there is a reason why we humans have an appendix. I am not really surprised. I believe God made us and that He knew what He was doing. Am I simplistic? Maybe, but I think the appendix question is like many of the other things in my life. There are things that I do not understand. But I need to trust that someone does. This world, and my life, makes sense when I trust there is someone who knows me and who understands everything going in my life. For me, that someone is God.

Most of you reading this have made that same decision. This just reinforces your conviction. But perhaps you know someone who wrestles with the concept of God. Maybe this will give you something to talk about with them. Or send them this article. Or send them to Or have them write me. I would love to discuss where I have found hope, meaning, and purpose.

It is not that I have all the answers … and not just about my appendix. I do believe I know who does have the answers. After all, he knew what he was doing with the appendix.

I believe that God knew what he was doing when he created me.
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