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1999 Two Minute Meditations:

      What will it be like? Well, God will be there, we know that.

More Than a Face in the Crowd
      God sees us all as important.

The Weather When Jesus Came
      The Breeze was picking up.

The Long Wait
      This story is a real cliff-hanger.

Too Close to Cough
      Burden or blessing?

The Work of God
      Can you do it? Yes, you can.

Faces, Not Flags
      Don't draw boundaries.

Dirty Fingernails
      He's not afraid to get dirty.

      Are you prepared for departure?

Worth Working For
      The best things don't come easy.

Walkin’ in My Boots
      What kind of a path are you making?

Everybody Needs an Attaway
      Way to go!

The Face of Fear
      Can you face it? He can give you the strength.

      Darkness only makes the light more important.

Cones of Light in the Darkness
      Can you see where you are going?

Cul-de-sac to Nowhere
      Where is your life headed?

Reckless Disregard
      Show you care.

      What did U UU 2 B?

Whispers Heard Beyond the Stars
      He hears. He really does.

Lifting the Veil of Invincibility
      Value every day you have.

Leaving Soon
      Pack your bags.

Substance Over Style
      Be a person of substance.

Finishing Well
      How will you finish?

From the Edge of the Storm
      God is so near.

The Humids
      Sometimes it feels Satan is so close.

      The blessings—and the curses—of the Net.

Somewhere Down the Road: For Daddy Al
      A Father's Day letter.

Retire from Ministry?
      What? What are we thinking?

Just Doing My Job: I’m a Teacher
      Thank God for teachers!

Boy I Blew It!
      You’ve never made a mistake, have you?

Give Her the Praise She Deserves!
      Rise up and call her blessed!

Little Things
      The devil is in the details.

A Ray of Light in the Dark Night of Our Soul
      Violence and evil permeate this world. But there's hope.

Seed Time
      Spring brings renewal.

The Blessing
      Children are a precious gift, and an amazing blessing.

      We are filled because of an empty tomb.

Crouching at Your Door
      We can — we must — master sin.

Get Away and Rest
      "Come with me and rest."

God’s Horizon
      He paints on a big canvas.

Breakfast of Champions
      Are you starting the day right?

A Message from the Son
      God loves us.

Sleeping Our Way to the Bottom
      Awaken your faithfulness.

It’s Not Worth the Heartburn
      Let go.

A Little Taste of Heaven
      Won’t it be great?

Waiting for the Party to Begin

Cleaning Out
      Get rid of the clutter.

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