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1998 Two Minute Meditations:

Don’t Let 1999 Become The Lost Year
      Don’t just fixate on the future, take on today!

Drawn to Wood
      From the manger to the shop to the cross.

Dirty With Life
      God isn’t afraid to get His hands dirty.

Unwrapped Too Soon
      Have patience, don't be in such a hurry.

No Receipt Needed
      No validation, no stamp, no ticket required.

Coming Home
      He waits for us with anticipation and longing.

Of Detours and Potholes
      Life is a journey, and a bumpy journey at that.

The Broomweed Conspiracy
      There was something unconquerable about their fire!

Over the Hill and Up to the Stars!
      We look forward to a mature faith.

Best Seat in the House
      Looks like we’re in the front row!

Strongest in the Broken Places
      Let the healing make you stronger.

Rediscovering Jesus Again for the First Time
      Where is your Bible most worn?

A Child Shall Lead Them
      Are you lead by your children?

Just a Little Bit Off
      A little bit can hurt a lot.

Upgrade Me
      God can transform your heart.

People Matter Most!
      With God, it’s all about people.

A Part of His Story
      We’re big news to God.

Walking Lessons
      Learning to walk spiritually is a struggle.

In the Spin of Transitions
      Hold on tight! Change is a’comin’!

Worship with Angels
      Let them show you how.

Time Waiting
      Put it to good use.

      Heaven will truly be Home Sweet Home.

Growing in the Cracks
      Life may be hard, but we can still thrive.

Too Big to Handle Alone
      Turn it over to Him.

We Can Do Better
      We have to.

The Ultimate X Files
      The truth is in there.

You Can ALWAYS Pray!
      Any time, any place.

In the In-betweens
      Enjoy the journey.

Just Two Things
      Straighten out the priorities.

Resident Evil
      Throw off the sin that so easily entangles.

Take 5!
      Jesus' advice for a successful marriage.

Christopher’s Call
      Christians cannot let neglect and apathy win.

Titanic Troubles
      The world's most successful film—WHY?

Twelve String Blues
      It's all in the tuning.

Never Not a Mom
      It's a full-time, full-life job.

Cracking Up
      Don't wait to make necessary repairs.

A Cord of Three Strands
      Friends are friends forever...

Way Too Cheap
      Fix it, don't throw it away.

Always the God of a New Life
      Our hope lies in the Resurrection.

Less is More
      Christian values are a little different.

World Wide One
      We’re all a lot closer than we might think.

What Sin?
      Forgiven and forgotten.

Do More Than Feel the Pinch
      It’s a spirit thing, it’s a holy nudge...

Subject to Change
      Thank goodness life is subject to change.

Digital Distractions
      Do this! No, do this! Over here! Do this, too!

Getting Better
      We are being renewed day by day!

Conditioning Love
      Love is more than a feeling.

Our Morning Star
      The truth is glorious!

Sweet Forgiveness
      Taste and see...

The Agony of Victory and the Thrill of Defeat
      You're playing for all the marbles.

Above the Fog the Sun is Shining
      Even when it's dreary, the Son is shining.

Cheap is Not Inexpensive
      Learn an important difference.

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