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1997 Two Minute Meditations:

A Not So Gentle Zephyr
      When the wind blows, hang on!

The Touch of God
      God will do anything to reach you.

How Much it Cost
      The most extravagant gift ever given.

Off the Leash
      Don’t let your life get out of hand.

The Garbage Left Behind
      No Dumping.

Lori’s Diner
      A burger, a Dr. Pepper, and an object lesson on the side.

A Heavenly Whuppin’
      Our Dad can beat up theirs!

      God’s Word—and his people—can’t be chained.

The Heavenly Boomerang
      You can’t outgive God.

Curse the Darkness
      Live the victorious life.

Things That Abide
      These three remain…

Swept Clean
      Take care of it for good.

One Constant
      We know changes aren’t permanent, but change is.

Life on Montserrat
      Stuff is here for such a short time.

Blowing it in the Prelims
      Focus on the victory, not the competition.

The Land of Inbetween
      Not on fire, not out, just smoldering.

Old Geezer Gumption
      I’d rather be ashes than dust.

Out of the Long, Dark Tunnel
      Shocked, stunned, humbled.

Slam Dunk Significance
      Yes! And you count!

Not Soon Enough
      Time flies.

Blown Fuse
      Read the manual.

      Oops! I didn’t mean to do that!!

Salt, Light and Me
      Are you doing your part?

Slip Sliding Away
      Slow down! Hold on!

In A New York Minute
      Life can change…invest in something permanent.

Routine Maintenance
      A stitch in time…

June Swoon
      Keep it up! Keep it up!

What A Mess
      Wait for it! It might not be what you think!

Biting Off More Than We Can Chew
      Maybe it’s time to spit some out.

My Daddy’s Feet
      How did they get there?

Blown Away
      Sometimes we feel so small.

Expensive People
      We cost a lot, let’s try and be worth a lot.

More than a Façade
      Nice exterior, but what’s on the inside?

Coming Down in the Wrong Place
      “Pilot error” is distressingly common.

In Her, I See God’s Love
      Mothers know how to love.

24 Hours
      What would you do?

The Power of the Right Word
      Careful! That tongue’s loaded!

      Tiger Woods is phenomenal…and so are you!

From God’s Angle
      Remote? Removed? Distant? Think again.

Our Father's Constant Care
      Pot-bellied angel? It could happen…

A Knothole View of the Universe
      We know only in part…

Learning to Let Go
      A vital survival skill.

There's Only One Ewe
      Cloning schmloning.

Retro Fever
      Groovy Messiah, dude!

These People Each Have a Name
      Tragedy can get personal. You need a personal Savior.

The Right Pursuit
      Go for the right things.

The Ultimate Valentine
      Beats a box of chocolates hands down!

A Look Inside
      Very revealing!

Rush to Judgement
      Or should we?

      A little insight into the meaning of our title.

The Seventh Day
      Enter into the sweet rest.

Welcoming the Dawn of New Year
      Don’t fear what it may bring, welcome it!

Batteries Not Included
      He just keeps going and going and going...

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