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1998 Special Features:

Going Home, by John William Smith
      Make your changes... now!

The Shepherd’s Eye View, by Dennis Crawford
      I bring you good news!

This Family Tree Needs Some Pruning, by Grant MacDonald
      Jesus didn't come from the “purest” of stock.

Are You Hungry?, by Karen Alexander
      Jesus offers satisfaction.

Welcome to the Real World, by Dennis Crawford
      Get rid of the imaginary world.

Here’s A Thanksgiving Hooke, by Danny Sims
      John Hooke gives us perspective.

What’s Your Hill to Climb?, by Cary Branscum
      We’ve all got challenges.

Mark’s Promise to Seekers, by Karen Alexander
      He who has ears, let him hear!

I Say Baloney!, by Silas Shotwell
      Unable to relate? Hogwash!

God and the Powers, by Duane Morgan
      Where does true power come from?

The Scandal of the Cross!, by Larry E. Hall
      Has it all become a little trite, a little cliché?

Who Is That Man?, by Karen Alexander
      Mark shows us a powerful Jesus.

Everything Looks Different From Down There, by Danny Sims
      Beautiful, wide-eyed anticipation.

When Psalm 51 Becomes our Goal, by Larry Davies
      Seek forgiveness...

You Stink, Ya Ugly Moose!, by Grant MacDonald
      May we be a holy fragrance... like a moose!

The Power of the “Broken” and the “Unknown”, by Larry James
      God sometimes uses the most unlikely people to do his work.

Spiritual “Destinesia”, by Bill Denton
      Don’t forget where you are going!

Please Recycle, by Dennis Crawford
      God’s ultimate recylcing program.

God Still Rescues, by Peter Ladu Lasu
      An inspiring story of persecution and deliverance in Sudan.

There's an Angel in the Corner of My Room, by Rod and Elizabeth Pringle
      A touching song inspired by the true story of a precious little girl.

When the Red Light Goes On, by Benny Baker
      Reflections and lessons learned from the Jonesboro, Arkansas shootings.

Home for Good, by Danny Sims
      Someday we’ll settle down.

Godforsaken? Never!, by Dennis Crawford
      He'll be with you.

Through His Eyes, by Jeff Walling
      He had the cure.

A Prayer for the Children, by Ina J. Hughs
      Touching, powerful prayer for the little ones.

Seven Dollars and Forty-Three Cents, by Larry Davies
      It wouldn’t have cost much, but it would have been worth a lot.

Bow Down Before Him, by Brenda Terrell
      Humble yourself before the Lord.

The Dummies Guide to Spiritual Growth, by Dennis Crawford
      I R a dummy... R u?

Do You Know The End of The Story?, by Gary Holloway
      When it comes down to the end, what is truly meaningful?

Where Are You God?, by Larry Davies
      When it all seems to be going wrong, where is God?

Creating a Coloring Book, by Michael Webb
      Here's a fun (and inexpensive) gift idea!

A Pocketful of S'ghetti, by Larry James
      There is need, even in the midst of plenty.

Hey, You're On the Titanic!, by Dennis Crawford
      This old world is sinking fast.

Gimme A Break, by Danny Sims
      Sometimes we struggle with grace instead of sin.

Her Heart of Faith, by Leslie Austin
      A powerful story of a mother and her daughter.

Sex, Moral Values and Our Youth, by Larry Davies
      How do we teach what is right? What do we do?

Which Kind Are You?, by Thom Lemmons
      “There are two kinds of people: those that divide people into two kinds and those that don’t.”

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, by Danny Sims
      "We interrupt this program..."

The Power to Choose Purity, by Charles R. Swindoll
      You have a choice, but your choice has consequences.

TRAGEDY, by Paul Lee
      Thoughts on the Westside Middle School shootings.

And Who is My Neighbor?, by Mike Cope
      It’s time to re-ask that question.

On “Spending” a Life Well, by Larry James
      Put it where it counts.

What Laser Art Taught Me About Jesus, by Rich Maffeo
      Find three-dimensional Christianity.

What Happened to Truthfulness?, by Ron Rose
      Let's recover it before it's gone forever!

The Me Degeneration, by Paul Lee
      Don't let "you" fade away. Regenerate!

Can A Scientist be a Christian, by Bob Wilkin
      The testimony of Johannes Kepler.

True Intimacy, by Dr. Les Parrot
      What is it really?

Just Another Day in Palestine, by Scott Owings
      Put yourself on his mat.

Paid in Full, by Rich Maffeo
      He wipes the slate clean.

God Hates Spam, by Paul Lee
      "Do you have something without so much Spam in it?"

God's Family Without Children, by Ron Christian
      This special challenge can have special rewards.

Expectations, by Byron Ware
      Communicating what you expect makes a big difference in what you get.

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