What Jesus Did! 'Sign Seekers' — Luke 11:29-30

Monday, July 29, 2019

As the crowd pressed in on Jesus, he said, "This evil generation keeps asking me to show them a miraculous sign. But the only sign I will give them is the sign of Jonah. What happened to him was a sign to the people of Nineveh that God had sent him. What happens to the Son of Man will be a sign to these people that he was sent by God."
— Luke 11:29-30 NLT

Key Thought

Jesus does not go about his ministry to provide a "proof show" for doubters or a "miracle spectacular" for the interested. For those demanding signs, there would be none in response to the demands. Jesus planted a seed that can fully develop into "the sign of Jonah" only through his death, burial, and resurrection. The bigger challenge is to believe before we see "our sign." The faith hurdle is to trust when all looks hopeless and the miracle we desire does not happen before our eyes or on our time schedule. If we must have a "miraculous sign" to believe, we need to know that we have the cart in front of the horse. Let's believe, trusting that what Jesus promised is just as true as God's promise was to send him!

Today's Prayer

Father, I believe, but sometimes in the middle of my most difficult trials, I need help to have a stronger and more stable faith. I believe, but help my unbelief! Through your Spirit, please give me the courage to walk in faith in moments of crisis, trial, and hardship, trusting that even if I do not receive my earthly miracle, I can know I will receive my heavenly one. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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Illustration of Luke 11:29-30 NLT —  What happened to him was a sign to the people of Nineveh that God had sent him.

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