Quotemeal: Nov. 9th, 2021

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

"Faith is realizing that I am useful to God not in spite of my scars but because of them."
— Pamela Reeve

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"I resolve to endeavor to my utmost to act and think as if I had already seen the happiness of heaven and the torments of hell."
"What is it to serve God and to do His will? Nothing else than to show mercy to our neighbor. For it is our neighbor who needs our service; God in heaven needs....."
"The life of faith is continually renewed victory over doubt, a continually renewed grasp of meaning in the midst of meaninglessness."
L. Newbigin
"If a man cannot be a Christian where he is, he cannot be a Christian anywhere."


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Illustration of Pamela Reeve — "Faith is realizing that I am useful to God not in spite of my scars but because of them."

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