Daily Wisdom: Proverbs 29:15 (KJV)

Sunday, March 13, 2022

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The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.
— Proverbs 29:15 (KJV)

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"When a wicked man dies, his hope perishes; all he expected from his power comes to nothing."
"If your hand or your foot causes you to sin cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two..."
Matthew 18:8
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."
Psalm 19:1
"A good man obtains favor from the Lord, but the Lord condemns a crafty man."


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Illustration of Proverbs 29:15 (KJV) — The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.

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