Two Minute Meditations (Page 2) 2000 Archives

ToGather: The LORD Is Close

The LORD promised to be close—especially when we are broken-hearted and crushed.

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The Waiting

Can you wait?

Proofreaders for Life

You can't catch everything.

Behind the Scenes

Don't you wish you had a "heavenly headset"?

Go with Confidence!

To boldly go where few have gone before...

It’s Not Fair!

Some things can't be tolerated.

I Heard the Mourning Dove

Even in moments of pain, God gives us small graces.

Journeyman Joe

Joe Strong is a model of perseverance.

Where Would We Be Without our Mothers?

Nowhere, man. We better appreciate them!

What Do You Do When You’re Doing Nothing?

Sit back and relax...

Mower Musings

Why do I like mowing so much?

The Joy of Sunrise

We can't wait for morning.

Just a Dab of Honey

Really, that's all it takes!

And the Grasshopper Got Away!

Lookout for oncoming Buicks!


God cares for you.

The Believer’s Atheism

Are you sure you believe in God? Act like it!

Why So Hard?

It's tough to say "I'm sorry..."

You’re Not Supposed to Try to Hit It from Here!

Are you making it too hard on yourself?

I’m Irrational About My Kids

Can you blame me?

Take a Leap!

Ready for a leap of faith?

The Culture of the Crude

Vulgarity is all around us.

Beyond Agape to God

Find love, God-style.

Thanks, Bert!

Thanks to a man of Godly service.

This Victory is Already Won!

We hate to spoil the ending, but...

Circle the Globe, Not the Wagons

Don't disconnect from the world, reach out to it.

The Hidden Sonrise

Our hopes rest in the rising Son.