Two Minute Meditations (Page 2) 1998 Archives

ToGather: The LORD Is Close

The LORD promised to be close—especially when we are broken-hearted and crushed.

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The Ultimate X Files

The truth is in there.

You Can ALWAYS Pray!

Any time, any place.

In the In-betweens

Enjoy the journey.

Just Two Things

Straighten out the priorities.

Resident Evil

Throw off the sin that so easily entangles.

Take 5!

Jesus' advice for a successful marriage.

Christopher’s Call

Christians cannot let neglect and apathy win.

Titanic Troubles

The world's most successful film—WHY?

Twelve String Blues

It's all in the tuning.

Never Not a Mom

It's a full-time, full-life job.

Cracking Up

Don't wait to make necessary repairs.

A Cord of Three Strands

Friends are friends forever...

Way Too Cheap

Fix it, don't throw it away.

Always the God of a New Life

Our hope lies in the Resurrection.

Less is More

Christian values are a little different.

World Wide One

We’re all a lot closer than we might think.

What Sin?

Forgiven and forgotten.

Do More Than Feel the Pinch

It’s a spirit thing, it’s a holy nudge...

Subject to Change

Thank goodness life is subject to change.

Digital Distractions

Do this! No, do this! Over here! Do this, too!

Getting Better

We are being renewed day by day!

Conditioning Love

Love is more than a feeling.

Our Morning Star

The truth is glorious!

Sweet Forgiveness

Taste and see...

The Agony of Victory and the Thrill of Defeat

You're playing for all the marbles.