Two Minute Meditations (Page 2) 1997 Archives

Routine Maintenance

A stitch in time…

June Swoon

Keep it up! Keep it up!

What A Mess

Wait for it! It might not be what you think!

Biting Off More Than We Can Chew

Maybe it’s time to spit some out.

My Daddy’s Feet

How did they get there?

Blown Away

Sometimes we feel so small.

Expensive People

We cost a lot, let’s try and be worth a lot.

More than a Façade

Nice exterior, but what’s on the inside?

Coming Down in the Wrong Place

“Pilot error” is distressingly common.

In Her, I See God’s Love

Mothers know how to love.

24 Hours

What would you do?

The Power of the Right Word

Careful! That tongue’s loaded!


Tiger Woods is phenomenal…and so are you!

From God’s Angle

Remote? Removed? Distant? Think again.

Our Father's Constant Care

Pot-bellied angel? It could happen…

A Knothole View of the Universe

We know only in part…

Learning to Let Go

A vital survival skill.

There's Only One Ewe

Cloning schmloning.

Retro Fever

Groovy Messiah, dude!

These People Each Have a Name

Tragedy can get personal. You need a personal Savior.

The Right Pursuit

Go for the right things.

The Ultimate Valentine

Beats a box of chocolates hands down!

A Look Inside

Very revealing!

Rush to Judgement

Or should we?


A little insight into the meaning of our title.