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Teach Us to Pray #1: Devotion

When Luke summarized the heart of the early church, he chose to highlight one particular word —

Phil Ware continues his series on prayer this week, focused on the early church's devotion to prayer that they learned from Jesus.

Election Time!

I can tell you who's going to win!

Many different men and women will step up to rule the nations of this world. But one truth will remain unchanging: God reigns and will reign for ever and ever.

The 'Christian' Vote?

Is there such a thing as this?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that there is really no such thing as the Christian vote, but a reality that politics often uses religion and religion gets used in politics, but the kingdom of God comes in different ways.

Don't Forget to Vote

So who will win the election you're voting in today?

What we do is our vote and if we are disinterested, that vote shows up too, so let's vote with integrity each day.

Living Up to the Price?

Are we living up to the price paid to purchase our freedom?

Is the high cost of freedom worth the price? Am I living up to the price paid for my freedom?