Articles Tagged 'Therapy'

Does the Dog Need To Be Petted

Which gets blessed more, the pup or the petter?

Mike Barres reminds us that love, the blessing of human touch, is important to our pets and also to us and those who we love.

I Got God!

Who do you have in your journey through life?

Tammy is brought to a deeper realization of just how important God's faithfulness is to her through her journey through life with her son's cancer.

Fighting the Silent Disease

Can we really find a way of escape?

Sin, a form of spiritual cancer, can be defeated like physical cancer and this victory leaves us feeling excited and on top of the world, but we must work hard for the victory and God will help us.

Serving Grace

How do you get out of your

We have to act ourselves into a better way of feeling rather than think ourselves into a better way of acting!

The End of One Chapter

How would you handle this if it were your child?

A mother with a son who has a tumor talks about the challenges and changes she and her family have faced during his theraphy and the faithfulness of God.


What gives us hope in the middle of crisis?

A funeral helps a couple of ministers understand more clearly the grace of God and the power of the human spirit.


Have you seen an angel running around oncology lately?

This is a story about a needed ministry to those battling cancer called ChemoAngels.