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Merry Christmas

We Wish You a Very Warm and Happy Christmas!

A Christmas prayer from the teams at and

We Thank God for You!

We want to tell you how thankful we are for you with words that are greater than our ability to express!,, all want to say thank you in the words of Scripture for your prayers, love, support, and encouragement.

Thanks for the Memories and More

What more can you say?

Phil says good bye to Paul Lee who has been his partner at Heartlight for ten years.

The Value of a Thank You!

Could you ever imagine that 80 cents could mean so much?

Sending thank you cards or notes can be such a powerful and special blessing to those who receive them and are just the kind of thing the Lord would have us do!

So Why Don't We?

Are you a person who is full of thanksgiving?

A whale gives the author a reason to look at gratitude and ingratitude and see them as a choice since gratitude seems to be built into the natural instinct.

Thank You Once Again

When is enough, enough?

Some folks we simply cannot thank enough!