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The Value of Small

How much do you value small things?

Tom Norvell reminds us of the importance of small things and to not get so hung up on big things.

What's Really Important

How do you know the difference?

Paul Faulkner reminds us that most folks miss the point of life entirely because they don't know what is really important.

How Beautiful

How beautiful are your hands?

Sarah Stirman reminds us that when we use our hands to serve the Lord, we are seen as beautiful and he gives us strength to serve him.

The Greatest Miracle of All

What's the greatest miracle you have seen?

The greatest miracle of all is the one that occurs every day in the lives of people who are found by grace and changed.

Living vs. Life

What's the difference between making a living and making a life?

Life is more than making a living, it's making a life.

Friends with Forever Purpose

What in the world did were they for?

Jesus' resurrection fills all of our life with meaning.

Everything Else Seems Insignificant

What seems important to you today?

We get so flustered about little things, God teach us to know what is important.

Chaotic Light

What's it like to be on the inside, not being able to look out?

This is the story of the blind man in John 9.

Talking Donkeys Like Me!

Do you have more to say than a donkey?

God can use us even if and when we are imperfect and don't think we have much to offer.