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Have You Seen The Grand Canyon?

The difference between seeing and SEEING.

It seems to me that some people interact with Jesus in the same way. They take a moment out of their busy lives and give it to him. Just a moment. He is a stop on the way, an interruption to a more important routine. And they never really see him. Othe

Making a Connection

What can we learn from Jesus on how to connect when communicating?

Phil Ware looks at Jesus' interaction with the man with leprosy in Mark 1 and how it is a blueprint for how we need to be in our communication with others.

Seeing God

When was the last time you saw God?

Creations shows us God, if we're only willing to look.

Seeing or Believing

What comes first, seeing or believing?

Some things we have to believe before we can see them!

Seeing Face to Face

I wonder what He will look like?

One of these days our blindness will be taken away and we will see everything and everyone as they truly are!