Articles Tagged 'Second Chance'

Running with the Whales

Jonah tried running from God. It did not work.

Stop running from God. He wants a relationship with you. He will do anything to give you that opportunity.

The Second Batch

When does most awful mess become the opportunity for grace to capture our heart and give us confidence for the future?

Lisa Mikitarian tells us a wonderful story about the Father's grace revealed in a young girl's fall with the cupcakes made to honor her beloved grandmother.

A Broken Mug

What can we learn from a broken coffee cup?

A broken mug helps Tom Norvel remind himself of what is most important about life and ministry, that we are not through when we are damaged, but we must press on.

Second Chances

If you're breathing, God's given you one of these!

If you can breathe today, you've been given another day and another second chance at going God's will right!

Time for a Rewind?

Can we really get do-overs?

God offers us something better than a do-over, mulligan, and second chance; he offers us forgiveness and cleansing.