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No Two Are Alike

No matter how different, each is important to the family!

Every child is different and important and special and we need to learn to appreciate each one for their uniqueness.

Tough Decisions and God's Precious Gift

What would you have done?

An aunt reflects on her niece's birth to a mom out of wedlock and how precious she is and so glad she was born.

Gifts of the Heart

Are you giving from the heart?

Giving gifts at Christmas helps us understand and appreciate the importance of people in our lives.

The Abuse of Time

What are you doing with your time?

We must learn to make our use of time a holy enterprise.

A Child of God

Who are you?

Despite the ugliness we know lies within us, we are treasured and precious to God.

Hate Football?

Why would this little girl hate what her father loved?

Our children need us and our attention if they are going to be all that God wants them to be!