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Fifty Shades of Grace: Delight

So we are really supposed to delight in this?

Phil Ware continues his series of posts and articles called Fifty Shades of Grace and focuses on the gift of pleasure, delight, joy, fulfillment, and blessing in sexual intimacy for the Christian married couple.

God Is Watching You... and That Is a Good Thing

What does God think when he watches your life?

God does not watch your life looking for a reason to condemn you. He watches to see how he can help you.

People Pleasing

Do you care what everyone thinks of you?

We need to be willing to put our faith in God, even when it's not popular to do so. We need to be willing to stand up for what's right, no matter what others may say. We need to seek the glory that comes from God rather than the praise of men.

Can't Please Everyone

Who are you trying to please?

You can't please everyone, so try to please God!