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Marking Time

How restless are you when things run overtime?

Russell Lawson shares a perspective of time as we close out the year.

An Open Letter to the New Clergy

Will you step up as a business person and take a lead in our war for the soul?

The most powerful voice for God in our culture must come from our business leaders who are Christians!

Workplace Faith

Where did Jesus find his followers?

Our Christian life is lived out in our workplace much more than in our church attendance!

Favorite Places

What is your favorite place to be?

Sometimes our favorite places are places, but the people who make those places special!

The Old Home Place

Can we ever really go home again?

As much as we would like to go home again, we must remember that home is not a place until we are home with God.

Turn Out the Lights or Light the Fire?

What will you do with the dying of the year?

With the dying embers of a fire, we are reminded of two life choices: letting our passions, hopes, and dreams slip away or having them burst into flame and reigniting us for the New Year.