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A Lot of Telling to Do

Are you ready to tell someone?

Throughout the book of Acts, there are examples of regular people telling their friends about how God sent His Son so that the world might be saved. With 4.6 billion souls still needing to hear that story, we have a lot telling to do.


What does pure religion really look like?

Phil Ware continues his series connected to his blog about the his mission trip to Peru with his wife Donna and the children they touched.

Drop the Rope!

Why are we so prone to a tug-of-war on important issues?

Phil Ware talks about tug-of-war and how we so often get into them in the Christian community and whether or not it is more important to do service trips or mission evangelism trips.

The Main Thing

Are we losing focus?

Phil Ware shares a reminder that not only must we do good and live morally, but we must not forget the main thing, letting others know about Jesus!

The Center of God's Will

Is this really a safe place?

Tom Norvell reminds us that the safest place is in the center of God's will and that means loving God and loving people.

What Would You Hear?

What captures your attention in a tragedy?

God cares about all people, all races, all nationalities in a tragedy and so should we.

Showing God's Love

How can you communicate when you don't know the language?

Our actions nearly always speak louder than our words, especially when people cannot understand our words!

Here is God!

Where can you find God on your map?

God takes away the fear of strange places.

Would You? Will You?

What would you give up for the Kingdom?

While we talk about giving up things for the sake of the Kingdom, are we willing to give up our children to go to the mission field?

The Leap of Faith

Where will your leap take you?

Long ago someone made the extra effort to even out the calendar... what extra effort will you make?