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A Circle of Love: Too!

When Jesus' family loves each other, even in our worst moments, we can find ourselves being carried!

Phil Ware takes us back to an old article from twenty years ago about a circle of love and a family that was sustained through tragedy and loss because of the love of friends.

People in the Process of Mission

How do we hear from God about our mission?

Greg Anderson continues the series from Interim Ministry Partners about helping a church discover its mission by focusing on the people in the process.

Bill Knapp's Keeps Me up at Night

How can an out of business restaurant speak to churches?

Mark Frost of Interim Ministry Partners shares a powerful parable about Bill Knapp's restaurants and America's quick fix mentality about the North American church and its troubles.


What are we members of?

The church isn't an organization; it's an organism. Membership isn't optional. If we are in Christ, in a saving relationship with him, then we are necessarily members of his body. Christians don't choose to belong to the church; if they belong to Christ,

Faith and Traffic Lights

What does my faith have to do with how I drive?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that our character and our faith are reflected as much by how we drive as how we go to church.

Are You a Member?

Member of a body or member of a club?

Being a member of the body of Christ means forming part of a living organism. It's not like being a member of a club or member of an insurance plan.