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Compassion for the Fatherless

Hear the words of one who has lived it: What does an orphan desire most?

This powerful message is from an orphan who was abandoned and abused by family and rescued by a sponsor.

Creative Christmas Letters?

Can anything be done to make these special?

Janet Colbrunn tackles the hard task of helping us write creative Christmas letters that do more than inform our friends: they tell our story for generations to come.

Love Letters

How well do you remember the letters written to you?

Steve Higginbotham reminds us that God has written us several love letters, but how badly do we want to read them?

Love on Paper

What legacy are you leaving with the gifts you give this time of year?

While gifts are fine, we need to be leaving behind a legacy of love notes for our spouse and children and grand children.

Letters from My Sisters

Have you noticed how sweet your sister's voice is to your ears?

Women, sisters in Christ, are such a blessing for support, friendship, help and encouragement.