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If You Can’t Trust a Panda

If you can't trust a panda, who can you trust?

Faking Christianity may score points with your friends and neighbors. Living the Christian life can fill your life with purpose and meaning, giving you a powerful hope for the future.

The Truth about Hypocrites at Church

They are why some won't come to church, but the truth about hypocrites is not what you think.

Hypocrites intentionally act different from what they say. That is not true about Christians.

How Good Is Good enough, because I'm pretty Good

How good do you have to be to get into heaven?

As long as we can find someone worse than us, we think we are good enough to get into heaven. That kind of thinking misses the point.

I Know too many Hypocrites

Hypocrisy is often cited as a reason not to follow Jesus. It is just not true.

Hypocrites say one thing while intending to do another. That is not what Christians do.

It Didn't Change Me!

Does pedigree or privilege change us?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that our pedigree and genealogy doesn't make us Christian, but our discipleship does.

Sawdust and Two-by-Fours

What are we overlooking in ourselves to criticize others?

Patrick Odum writes about firefighters burning down their own station, hypocrites, criticism, and our desire to run others down.

Dropped Passes

What about Christians who sin?

The reality of Christian life is not that we do not sin. It is seen in how we react to our sin.

With Gentleness and Respect

How do we change the anti-Christian perspective of our culture?

Phil Ware talks about the need to live the life of Jesus before the world or our witness doesn't mean anything at best and creates hostility at worst to Christianity.

Hypocrites in Church?

Can you believe it's true?

Hypocrisy does exist in the church and we should weed it out, but it doesn't exempt us from church.

This Story Doesn't Wash!

Would people be surprised to find that you are a follower of Christ?

Does our behavior and speech give us away as a follower of Jesus?