Articles Tagged 'Hostility'

Be Mindful of the Words You Hear

You don't have to listen to the noise around you!

Tom Norvell reminds us that we don't have to hear the messages and noise around us, we can follow Jesus' example and withdraw from the situation.

Fighting Terror

Will technology be the difference?

David Capes uses The Voice translation to drive home the point that technology is not going to save us from ourselves, but only gracious trust that Jesus is Lord and our following Jesus into the world of forgiveness.

The Change You Want to See

If you could change the world, what would you want to see?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that a better world begins with what we do in the small acts of righteousness and kindness in the world around us.

For Those Under Trial

What about those who are not free to worship the Lord?

We must pray for those facing persecution.