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A Home for Jesus

Let's prepare a place for Jesus

Christ could have a mansion in the Bronx or any palace he chose, but he has decided to live in me. He has made a home in my heart, giving me life, guiding me in the way I should go. My job is to follow his lead and become like him, become like the one who

Dressing Down for God

How should you present yourself before God?

You may be rich or powerful or beautiful or famous or extremely talented. But when you come to God, you take all that off. You humble yourself and say to him, “Have mercy on me, a sinner.”

God With Us

If Jesus wasn't Immanuel, who was?

So a little boy was born, named Immanuel. He was a living sign from God, a reminder that God is with his people. Because Ahaz wouldn't listen and wouldn't put his trust in God, his nation would suffer defeat. But he had in this young boy the constant remi

Be Strong and Courageous

Now is the time for courage

As evil further envelopes this world, with wars, rumors of wars, beheading and horrors, the words said to Joshua resound for us today. Be strong and courageous.

When Tragedy Strikes

Where is God in the middle of these tragedies?

Larry Davies shares a hard and horrible story of tragedy and asks where God is and helps walk us through Isaiah 43 and shows how it reflects the presence of God in our worst times through the people of God who help.

Who's Driving?

Who is driving your life?

So often we don't let God have control of our lives and we want to be the driver to our own loss.

Confessions of a Blackberry Picker

Have you see the evidence of his beauty in your world?

A trip to the beach and other vacation sites helps lead Patrick Odum to ask what he is not recognizing in his daily life where God's fingerprints and footprints can be found.

Crazy Things Keep Happening to Me

Does crazy stuff happen to you?

Crazy things happen to all of us, but we can face them with joy because of God.

It Never Left

Where did your moon go?

Even when we cannot see the presence of God in our lives, he's always there!