Articles Tagged 'Giving Thanks'

A Matter of Perspective

So how does your day look?

So much of life is a matter of perspective; we can choose to be glad.

Upside Down Blessings

Can you see the good in the bad?

Bad things can be turned into blessings by God.


What holiday has a message in its name?

Giving thanks should lead us to other forms of giving.

Taste and See

Have you tasted just how good it is?

Just as we enjoy the senses of taste and sight, we need to taste and see that the Lord is good.

The Lost Art of Giving Thanks

When's the last time you felt the joy of being truly thankful?

We need to recover the lost art of giving thanks and there are some steps we can take to do just that.

Answer My Prayers

What's the greatest answer to our prayers?

Thanksgiving is the great blessing in prayer that we must always participate in.