Articles Tagged 'Friendliness'

Sharing the Story of Our Lives

With whom have you shared your story?

Paul Faulkner writes about sharing our story and being vulnerable with others so we can have friends.

Expanding Your Circle of Friends

How big is your circle?

We all need more friends, but the way to have them is to invest the time and offer others our friendship

Free Breakfast

What can you learn at the morning continental breakfast?

The continental breakfast allows from some people watching and friend making.

To Life!

When's the last time you spent the day fully smiling?

We need to be a rejoicing people who reflect God's blessings in our lives and in our smiles!

Department or Attitude?

Did you hear the one about the fellow who walked into First Suburban Church wearing an expensive suit and a baseball cap?

If you value human contact and personal service, then take note of and appreciate it when you receive it.