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Inheritance Day

Melancholy or anticipation? We are part of a great cycle of inheriting from our grandparents and parents as well as passing on to our children and grandchildren

Philip Gulley talks about inheriting things from his grandfather and what it means for inheritance day to come.

Daddies, Please Hear Us!

What do our daughters most need from us?

Heather Holland Helton shares some important things dads need to know about their daughters and how to build that relationship to be the most it can be.

When I Get Big ...

What do you want your son be when you grow up?

Let's teach our sons to be fathers!

A Story About A Giant

Are you a giant or a burden?

We stand on the shoulders of giants and have the blessinmgs we have because of their sacrifices.

Exercising the Spirit: Breath Prayer

Do you know how to pray?

We can learn to breath pray and pray any time and any place and reach out to God through prayer.

Fathers Know a Secret

What do dads know that no one else seems to appreciate?

Dads know the secret: they have incredible influence over their kids.

Inheritance Day

What are you looking to inherit?

What are we passing on to our children?

Guys, Let's Realize Our Importance as Fathers

Is there still a place for a man's man to honor God?

Remembering the importance of men as fathers in our world.

Hate Football?

Why would this little girl hate what her father loved?

Our children need us and our attention if they are going to be all that God wants them to be!