Articles Tagged 'Evaluate'

Yardsticks: How the hidden Dangers of Comparison Are Killing Us and Our Daughters

Have we turned our yardsticks into swords?

Ann Voskamp reminds women and their daughters about the dangers of comparison and how it belittles the work of God going on in each person we see.

Facing Evaluations

How can I survive this with my fear of layoffs?

Larry Davies writes about the proper attitude to face evaluations and how to avoid fear as we approach them.

Look at Your Life

What are people goig to find?

Tom Norvell reminds us to have some introspection and ask ourselves about the value of our lives.

Love Words

How sloppy are you with your words for affection?

We are sloppy in the way we use words for love, so why not see how the Bible does and especially see how Jesus demonstrated it and evaluate our lives based on his model?