Articles Tagged 'Dive'

The Story: Three Windows of Grace

Isn't it time for a little church remodeling?

Phil Ware continues his series on The Story and focuses on the church at Antioch and the grace that empowered the church to be all God intended it to be.

Scuba-Posers and Jesus-Followers

Tired of sitting on the dock? Then jump in!

Rick Brown challenges us to get off the dock and into the water, to quit talking and to start obeying, to dive in and to swim.

SpiritFire - Unity of the Spirit?

Why is unity such a big deal?

Phil Ware continues his series on SpiritFire and challenges us to look at the importance of the unity of the Spirit.

Old Spice Evangelism

How do you reach everyone with so many different tastes?

Patrick Odum uses the popularity and methods of the Old Spice Guy to reach out and touch us with the aroma of Christ and the smell of evangelism.