Articles Tagged 'Childhood'

Where to Reach

I knew the picture looked different zoomed out.

Melissa Troyer reminds us of those mistakes made by our little ones when they are in their early exploration modes and how our job is not to load them down with rules but to show them where to reach.

Free to Serve

If I am free, why would I want to be a servant?

Paul Faulkner reminds us that because of Jesus, even difficult tasks are a blessing to do.

The End of One Chapter

How would you handle this if it were your child?

A mother with a son who has a tumor talks about the challenges and changes she and her family have faced during his theraphy and the faithfulness of God.

The Button Box

How will we be remembered?

It's not the big stuff that we remember from our grandparents, but the small wonderful things that they did to touch our lives.

Providing Memories of Home for Our Children

What memories are you leaving for your children and grandchildren?

We can record our children's memories when they are little and then they will have them when they are older.