Articles Tagged 'Brotherly Love'

The Little Things

What is too small to trust God with?

Leah talks about struggling with a mess at her new home and shares how prayer and God's help pulled her through!

When Does Day Begin?

So how soon is it till dawn?

An old Rabbi reminds us that it is not dawn until we see the light of the sunrise in the eyes of our neighbor.

Family to Those Who Are Alone

Are we really to be family to those who don't have family?

We've got to show the world that we will actually love them way we claim we will.

The White Envelope

Can we make more of Christmas than tinsel and gifts?

Christmas is about giving and not receiving, especially when we can give gifts that bless others and continue giving after we are gone.

Good Surgeons Try to Minimize Blood Loss

What kind of heart enjoys destroying another?

Righteous hearts do not enjoy ripping apart another even when they other is wrong.