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Act(s) 1: Scene 1 — Jesus' Body

If we listen to Acts like a play, what do we learn in each scene?

Mark Frost of Interim Ministry Partners shares insight on viewing the church through the lens of Acts and focuses today on the church being the living, breathing, embodiment or incarnation of Jesus to the world.

People in the Process of Mission

How do we hear from God about our mission?

Greg Anderson continues the series from Interim Ministry Partners about helping a church discover its mission by focusing on the people in the process.

Are You a Member?

Member of a body or member of a club?

Being a member of the body of Christ means forming part of a living organism. It's not like being a member of a club or member of an insurance plan.

If You're Not Sure of Your Part

How do you find your part?

Alan Smith talks about a junior high music teacher whose students didn't play.

Finding the Presence of Christ

Where will we find Jesus in the middle of our messes?

We will find the presence of Jesus in our lives when we are willing to be his presence in the lives of others.

The Landlord or the Minister's Wife

Which of the two are you most like?

We need to be those that serve and not like those who tell others to serve.

Me, A Doormat?

Come on, Jesus wouldn't want us to lay down our life like this, would he?

While we don't like the thought of being a doormat, the example of Jesus teaches us some things about our need to serve others.

It Was My Arm's Fault!

Can you just leave your arm behind?

We are the body of Christ and we can't all be the same and can't we leave anyone behind.