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The Least of These

Have you fed Jesus lately?

You will probably never get the chance to give pizza to a famous actor. But you can reach out and help Jesus today. You can serve the hungry, the thirsty, the lonely, the naked, or the prisoner. You can help "the least of these" and really be doing it for

George and the Dragon

Are we a dragon to those in need?

A hard-hearted person to someone in need reminds Alan of how important it is that we be kind and compassionate to others in our actions as well as in our thoughts.

Am I a Goat, Too?

What can I learn about hard-hearted parishes in Louisiana?

Judging the hard-heartedness of some Louisiana parishes leads me to look at my own hard-heartedness.

The Landlord or the Minister's Wife

Which of the two are you most like?

We need to be those that serve and not like those who tell others to serve.

The Least of These?

Who does Jesus value most?

We will be judged by how we cared for the least, the left out, and the lonely.