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Living My MUSD #6: Shared Prayer through Forgiving Redemptively

Living My Mission Under Social Distancing

Phil Ware opens the New Testament and reminds of a great way to live out our mission while under social distancing, prayer because prayer has always been a virtual way of blessing others.

The Threefold Path

How beautifully these three words speak to the fullness of our Christian walk!

Bill Sherrill reminds us of the importance of faith, hope, and love -- not just as theological concepts, but as integrated real-life motivation and actions.

Am I Lucky ... Or What?

Who is responsible for the good things that happen to me?

Good things happen in this world. I believe that God is the source of the these in the lives of his people. It is not "dumb luck" or "blind fate."

How Great the Father's Love!

Does any of the Father's love splash over and touch the people in your family?

Overhearing a questioning about loving children enough gets Sarah thinking about the need for meaningful touch, focused listening, and hanging around together.

Delayed Truth

Have you learned this important spiritual skill?

We need to learn that there is a time to be silent.

Is It Really All Just So Much Talk?

Does your faith move you beyond just talk?

Real faith leads us to act and not just talk about problems.