A Taste of Home 2016 Archives

To Benefit Them!

Preparing my mouth for marriage... and beyond!

Byron Ware reminds us of the vital importance of how we communicate both in the words we choose to say, not speak, and the non-verbals we use as we speak them.

God Answers the Mess of Life

Is there any hope for the monotonous mess of life?

Max Lucado recognizes the monotonous routine of life and its challenges and reminds us that God's grace meets us in our messes and gives us the power to live our way out of them.

What Do We Do to Jesus?

We do so it so casually, so carelessly, and in doing it, we forget!

Max Lucado reminds us during this special week to remember to put the lessons of Jesus' passion to work in our own daily lives.

I Choose

We have a huge impact on our day by what we decide to choose!

Max Lucado reminds us that our life is made by what we choose to do with our character and our heart.