Special Features (Page 3) 2003 Archives


Mistakes will happen.

Responding to the Responsive

Jesus opened eyes.

Beside the Still Waters

Lead me beside them...

Do You Want To Be Liked?

We're all looking for someone to like us.

Yesterday's Weather

What does it really matter? Move on!

My Most Memorable Moment

It's not always what you would expect.

Character - The Inside Story

Who are you really?

What an Awesome Principle

A very interesting question!

A Test of Talent

Bless you for your talents!

The Invisible Barrier

Get past it.

God Doesn't Make Trash

Everyone has value.

Life in the Rearview Mirror

Keep looking ahead.

When Should I Help?

Everyone? No one? Who?


May God bless your family.

The Children of God

Do we really accept it?

Picking Up Butch

A wonderful tradition that teaches...


The love of a girl and her puppy...

Reasoning with the Unreasonable

Why do we act so insane at times?

I Need a Shepherd

For so many reasons...

Messages Across Time

Trials and Temptations

We can make it through.

Did You See Jesus on the Shore?

He's there.

How Close to Rose Lake Are You?

Sin is enticing, yet ultimately it will ruin us!

Is it Time to Make a New Breath?

You can only go so far.

Is There a Diamond In You?

"I'm just an old lump of coal, but I'm gonna be a diamond someday!"