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Not Enough Time

Is there ever enough?


How well do you know Him?

So Many Choices

It's bewildering!

Christmas Thief

Are you ready for the thief to come?

Timeless Treasures

God loves to give us presents.

Christmas: A Chance to Share Your Faith

Tell the story of Jesus.

Treasures Recognized Too Late

Treating treasures like trash will come back to haunt you.


It might be the best gift of all.

This is Important

Never underestimate the value of Christ.

Mixed Messages

Are you perfectly clear?

Thanksgiving: The Everyday Holiday

Can't we thank Him every day?

What a Spark Can Do

It only takes a spark...


Is life about stuff?

The Secret to Riding Roller Coasters

Let Him take control.

The Human Touch

You can overcome your past, too.

Begin With One Thing

We need to break away.

It's What's Inside That Counts

You can be made new. On the inside. Where it counts.

An Encourager, I Presume?

Will you be the one to build others up?

It Will Be Worth It

Keep at it, keep focused.

A VCR Faith: Living in God's Zone

We know the outcome.

A Whole New World

Things sure can change.

Are You Paying Attention?

There will be a quiz over what we've learned.

Forget Me Not

Remember the poor...

He's My Kind of Guy

Eric "the Eel" has captured the hearts of millions.

Perfect Pitch

You can tell when it's not quite right.